Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

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Mat Pilates
  • 20MIN ABS

    Equipment always optional but today we used a band for abs! getting you to really feel your ab muscles working. The band should help you exhale your belly button in deeper. Hope you enjoy!

  • 60MIN MAT PILATES (November)

    WOW Raqthatbody online just took it to a whole new level. We decided THIS year it was time for a videographer to professional capture all the right angles so you can get the most out of your workout. I hope you love it!! feedback is always welcome. we are always a work in progress so don't be shy...


    Enjoy this 30 min mat Pilates! Arms abs and legs. If you have a ball great if not you can put a small pillow or towel.
    2 lb dumbbells and 1 lb ankle weights. Everything always optional and still very effective.


    As requested this video is around 55 minutes long. The first five minutes I give you a tip to strengthen your inner things and pelvic floor. And then the workout starts with a stretch goes in to arms which I first used ankle weights and then added 2 lb dumbbells. You can just use 2lb dumbbells th...


    Would love to know your feedback on the wind so please message me if it was annoying! Lol
    Equipment used: mat , 2 lb dumbbells, 1 lb ankle weights! Enjoy

  • 30MIN MAT PILATES ( ring)

    Grab your Pilates ring or a ball and try this workout that makes everything shake! Arms abs legs and glutes! Can’t wait to hear your feedback and to do this again! I loved the ring because it makes you use muscles that sometimes get neglected. This ring will make you squeeze everything in no matt...


    Recorded on the new GoPro with new angles… besides for my arms being cut off and the lighting a little dark I think we killed it!!!!!!! Can’t wait to keep working at it. This workout I used a deflated basketball. You can use a pillow if you don’t have any type of Pilates ball. Enjoy! I need your ...


    Full body toning in just 30 min! You just need 2 lb dumbbells and 1 lb ankle weights. Feel free to have the ankle weights on the entire time. This will definitely help you feel the burn even more. As long as you are strong even and won’t over compensate. Enjoy !!!


    full body mat pilates workout! 2-3 lb dumbbells and 1 lb ankle weights. if you are advanced put the ankle weights on for the whole workout you will be so sore after!

  • 25MIN ABS

    Wow you need 3lb dumbbells, ankle weights and a band!( a glider too but very optional) So so so good


    Full body workout!! Standing legs arms abs inner thighs. Grab 2 lb dumbbells ankle weights and a ball and get started on this insane workout!! Enjoy