• 20MIN ABS

    This abs workout includes All sorts of planks, side planks, oblique work, lower abs, and crunches! No equipment necessary.


    When crunching make sure your elbows aren’t close to your ears, knock is long ( pretend there is an orange between your chin and chest). Inhale and exhale through every crunch! That is how you see faster results! This leg workout will make you feel long and lean in your thighs and glutes. Remembe...

  • 25MIN ABS

    This ADVANCED workout is split between planks and crunches. You will definitely feel the burn in all areas of your stomach! We will work our lower abs, upper abs, obliques and all! The goal here is to build a stronger core! Enjoy this 25 minute abdominal workout with short stretch at the end!


    Great and effective ab workout!! Inhale and exhale through the movements! In planks remember pull Belly button in to spine!! Enjoy!


    A ten min arm workout that turned it to a 30 min arm and ab workout!!!
    Couples who workout together !!! Get your hubby involved!

  • 18MIN ABS

    New quickie abs!! No equipment necessary. Pair this workout with any other workout or do it alone!

  • 20MIN ABS

    This is a great ab workout to pair with anything else you want to do that day. Ab workout are so important for building a strong core and better posture! Try this one twice a week and see if you feel the difference. Enjoy!


    This is a great arms and abs workout that is Mat Pilates based. You can use up to 3 lb weights for your arms! Ankle weights optional. Pay attention to correct form cues! enjoy!


    Pilates focused abs workout! Important to breathe through the entire ab workout. When you inhale ( don’t let your chest rise, breathe through your ribs let them expand and when you exhale, connect the ribs, connect to your center ( picture sit bones drawing towards each other). For example the ex...


    I took an abs workout that was very advanced and made it shorter and more for beginners. If you are a beginner start here to build up your core! Do this at least once a week and you will see a major difference at the end of the month!


    Equipment optional! arm and abs workout you’re going to become obsessed with! Enjoy

  • 18MIN ABS

    15 minutes of planks! On elbows and hands. No equipment required just raq solid ab strength! Thankfully nicole is doing all the work so I was able to que! Haha let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!!

  • 25MIN ABS

    Try these 25 minutes abs and really feel the burn! At first we work on strengthening your core, the work the obliques, and last some crunches and glute work! Your abs will thank you after this workout! hope you enjoy the burn!!!


    Grab your 2-3 lb dumbbells 1 lb ankle weights and a mat and get ready to tone!!! Long lean muscles throughout your entire body. The focus here is to breathe inhale fill your belly with air, exhale pull it all in and exert the move. Don’t forget breathing is the most important part of exercise. Ho...


    This workout sequence goes 2 dances, abs, 2 dances, legs. Grab your mat and ankle weights and you’re all set! enjoy two new killer dances !!!!!

  • 30MIN MAT PILATES ( ring)

    Grab your Pilates ring or a ball and try this workout that makes everything shake! Arms abs legs and glutes! Can’t wait to hear your feedback and to do this again! I loved the ring because it makes you use muscles that sometimes get neglected. This ring will make you squeeze everything in no matt...

  • 17MIN PILATES ABS (with ball)

    grab a ball or a pillow and enjoy!! its all about you breath here so focus on your inhale and exhale here.

  • 16MIN ABS

    Planks on elbows, hands, and crunches laying on your but and then all the way back, this is my favorite ab workout!
    Works every muscle in your stomach. Enjoy! For an added burn you can always put ankle weights on but don’t compromise form!!


    You will need a ball and 1 lb ankle weights!

  • 20MIN ABS

    Equipment always optional but today we used a band for abs! getting you to really feel your ab muscles working. The band should help you exhale your belly button in deeper. Hope you enjoy!

  • 60MIN DANCE and ABs

    You will need a mat and band for the ab portion at end of this workout. Or you can always do without. So 40 min cardio 20 min abs workout. Enjoy!!!