Lastest Workouts

  • 50MIN DANCE CARDIO (March)

    This months cardio workout has most of the new dances in it! I added arms with weights and a stretch at the end. I hope you enjoy this crazy sweaty workout! Please comment or message me with any feedback! Would love to hear from you.


    Read before you start! You will need a mat and 2-3 lb dumbbells! ( ankle weights always an option. This video has 3 cardio dances, 2 arm songs, 3 cardio dances, and then leg songs. If you want to add ankle weights at the legs portion go for it! There is one new dance in here! good luck! i know yo...


    Prenatal #5!
    You will need a chair with arms, 1 lb ankle weights optional and 2-3 lb dumbbells for arms at the end.
    This workout is a standing leg series with 8 minute arms at the end.
    This workout is great if your not in the mood to pull out your mat and just want to strengthen and tone your l...

  • 25MIN ABS

    Try these 25 minutes abs and really feel the burn! At first we work on strengthening your core, the work the obliques, and last some crunches and glute work! Your abs will thank you after this workout! hope you enjoy the burn!!!


    Full body sculpt! Arms abs and legs!! We got you all covered in just 37 minutes! You will need Arm weights and ankle weights but that is also optional. Enjoy!


    Please please use one of my stretch videos for the end
    Of this workout. For some reason it got cut off. However this is a great short cardio workout like you guys requested!!!! I hope you enjoy !!!!

  • 60MIN Cardio/Sculpt

    So great to be back!!! This has all new dances I hope you learn them quickly! You will need a mat arm weights and ankle weights always optional. This is 2/2/2/2/2/2. Enjoy!! Please Leave a comment for feedback! Thanks!


    Arms Abs Legs all covered in 30 minutes! Get your equipment and let’s get to work! This workout is challenging and effective and feels good in all the right places! Enjoy! Don’t forget to modify if you need to. ( ankle weights optional )


    Enjoy this new mat Pilates workout !! Full body workout on the days you don’t want to go too hard. It’s still very challenging. And hits all the right areas! Equipment 2-3 lb dumbbells and 1 lb ankle weights.


    2-2-2-2 you know the drill! New Cardio sculpt has new dances and is extra sweaty!!! Grab your equipment and get started!!!


    Grab your 2-3 lb dumbbells 1 lb ankle weights and a mat and get ready to tone!!! Long lean muscles throughout your entire body. The focus here is to breathe inhale fill your belly with air, exhale pull it all in and exert the move. Don’t forget breathing is the most important part of exercise. Ho...