Legs & Glutes

  • 15MIN LEGS

    This class focuses On your inner and outer thighs and of course your glutes!!! Ankle weights optional!


    When crunching make sure your elbows aren’t close to your ears, knock is long ( pretend there is an orange between your chin and chest). Inhale and exhale through every crunch! That is how you see faster results! This leg workout will make you feel long and lean in your thighs and glutes. Remembe...


    Equipment: Booty Band Needed! And 1 lb ankle weights for your wrist or 2 lb dumbbells for additional arm workout.

  • 25MIN LEGS

    First we work the right leg then the left. 30 of each move. Remember hug in those abs wrists are right under your shoulders and your shoulders are down your back. Keep them away from your ears! Good luck!

  • 24MIN LEGS

    Long and lean leg workout! Ankle weights optional!


    This advanced leg workout comes with a stretch at the end! It is very important to stretch your Gluteas muscles after you work on them. This workout requires a lot of ab strength so get ready to work those too! Enjoy!


    Long and lean leg moves for your thighs and glutes! You will need one dumbbell or a water bottle for your arm, and ankle weights. You don’t have to use ankle weights but I highly suggest it! enjoy

  • 12MIN LEGS

    Don’t have a band?! use your ankle weights! This Band workout is for long lean sculpted legs and a lifted booty! enjoy ❤️🍑

  • 23MIN LEGS

    23 minutes of a band workout you will love! So good for inner and outer thighs and of course your glutes. Feel tighter and leaner in just 23 minutes! Don’t have a band? do without! You will feel it just as much.

  • 22MIN LEGS

    22 minutes of legs! Put on your ankle weights if you want and feel long and lean afterwards!


    For this workout you will want to have a chair near by, or something you can hold on to... edge of a couch? Haha I loved this standing legs I really felt the burn. It is such a fun way to work your legs! Make sure your standing leg is always bent so you are protecting your back from hurting. Add ...

  • 30MIN LEGS

    Great leg series to do on its own or add to any other video. Add 1 lb ankle weights if you want and I tried keeping my toes pointed in a lot of the moves to get long lean muscles in the legs and glutes. Enjoy!


    Hungryhippos joined us for this Long and lean Pilates legs workout!! Optional 2/3 lb dumbbells for arms and 1 lb ankle weights for legs! The choice is yours. Enjoy!!


    As requested this video is around 55 minutes long. The first five minutes I give you a tip to strengthen your inner things and pelvic floor. And then the workout starts with a stretch goes in to arms which I first used ankle weights and then added 2 lb dumbbells. You can just use 2lb dumbbells th...


    Prenatal #5!
    You will need a chair with arms, 1 lb ankle weights optional and 2-3 lb dumbbells for arms at the end.
    This workout is a standing leg series with 8 minute arms at the end.
    This workout is great if your not in the mood to pull out your mat and just want to strengthen and tone your l...


    Grab your 2-3 lb dumbbells 1 lb ankle weights and a mat and get ready to tone!!! Long lean muscles throughout your entire body. The focus here is to breathe inhale fill your belly with air, exhale pull it all in and exert the move. Don’t forget breathing is the most important part of exercise. Ho...


    Equipment optional 2-3 lb dumbbells and 1 lb ankle weights. Enjoy this 26 min workout!


    This workout sequence goes 2 dances, abs, 2 dances, legs. Grab your mat and ankle weights and you’re all set! enjoy two new killer dances !!!!!

  • 35MIN LEGS

    This is a shorter version of one hour mat Pilates with standing legs side legs and legs on all fours! In the mood for a leg day?! This workout is for you!! Enjoy!!! Please grab a mat 2 lb dumbbells and ankle weights!

  • 30MIN MAT PILATES ( ring)

    Grab your Pilates ring or a ball and try this workout that makes everything shake! Arms abs legs and glutes! Can’t wait to hear your feedback and to do this again! I loved the ring because it makes you use muscles that sometimes get neglected. This ring will make you squeeze everything in no matt...

  • 17MIN standing legs

    Standing legs here is a full body workout. You can use 2 lb dumbbells or even 1 lb arm weights and 1 lb ankle weights on your ankles. I love this leg workout because it also is working you arms and abs!!! Enjoy ❤️

  • 15MIN LEGS ( with a band )

    On all fours and on your sides your glutes and legs are about to feel so much tighter!!! I did this workout four times in one week and felt such a difference! Enjoy!

  • 30MIN standing legs and arms

    grab 2 lb dumbbells and that's it! great great standing legs and arm workout you will love! enjoy!


    You will need 2/3 lb dumbbells for this workout! Enjoy your 1st workout of November.